This project is related to my mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. As the illness developed she withdrew from family and society, leaving me as the only person she recognized however not as her daughter, but as her own mother. During this period she followed me to the studio daily, sitting in a chair applauding my work in progress. The installation was a joint venture, an interactive work where my mother was actively present when modelling the circle of raw clay on the floor, which was to dry during the exhibiting period. The circles are to be seen as a metaphor describing the state of mind and progression of transition. Small clay balls where thrown onto the opposite wall in the room as a game of madness and frustration. A sink was covered with a thin layer of clay as a spontaneous action of hiding the clinical inconvenient truth and irreversible reality.

Material: Dried clay, sink, painted mud.
Size: W. 1.50 m.