The second project was built at the Henie-Onstad Art Centre in Norway using a straw-bale construction technique covered with clay. Though both projects where related, the dark gray indoor installation of the north stood in stark contrast to the warm African outdoor sculpture. The installation in Oslo was specifically designed for the Henie-Onstad Art Centre. The clay used was found in a construction site in the centre of the capital. A tsunami wave built of straw bales was covered by clay, leaving only a thin vertical golden gash in the centre as a symbol of fertility. From this wave a dried river was installed of crackled clay mosaic. The tension between the large wave and the dried up riverbed underlines what the world is experiencing in terms of the unbalanced eco system. The installation has a pessimistic symbolism, yet the golden gash in the hay represents hope, one drop of water could be enough to awaken the sleeping microorganism.

Material: Clay, straw, hay and wood.
Size: H. 4,3 m. x W. 7.5 m. x L. 15 m.