The Project Life and Death is a tribute to my older sister Anette that died of cancer at an early age of 36. The exhibition was presented in Oslo at the old Christiania Bakery in their underground storage rooms. The space presented itself as catacombs. The raw aspect was far from the contemporary white cube arena. In the humid cellar space without daylight, I gave myself time to digest my sorrow, working on the sculptures day and night for one year. After walking underground in an entrance tunnel for 300 meters the viewer entered the first room meeting a crackled clay installation on the floor symbolized birth. The next sculpture had the same shape but modelled in cement and turned upside down, suspended in the air by 36 wires, the same number of years my sister lived, as an homage to her life. The viewer had to bend down to enter into the next room through a small opening. Here 7 sarcophaguses where hanging on the wall, all modelled with animal heads linking Man to Nature. The titles reflect on global disrespect to environment and human life, starting with a work titled Forced Abortion and ending with the sculpture titled The Gift of Life.

Material: Cement, pigments, steel wire.
Size: Birth L. 3.95 m. and Life L. 5 m.
Size Sarcophagus H. 3 m.