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Chinese Media:
- Chinese media has covered The Terracotta Woman Project with great interest. The following newspapers have covered the project as front page news:
China Daily, Times Xian, Wuhan Evenings News, Strait Herald, Chongqing Morning News, News Time, Times (Guanzhou), Beijing Daily Messenger, The Beijing News, Shanghai Evening Post.

The project has also been showed on the following TV stations: CCTV news, Shaanxi TV1 news, Shaanxi TV2 news, Shaanxi TV1 Ni how Ni how and others. Different radio programs and online interviews. In addition to this the project has created online discussions . A documentary film on the project of 50 min is made by Shaanxi TV International.

- The project has been covered internationally on TV and news paper through Associated Press , NTB and Reuters International besides specially documentary and news presentations in NRK Norway, Sweden, Denmark and RAI Italy.

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