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The concept is based on interpreting the famous terracotta warriors from Xian as woman. An army of 57 woman and children sculpted in original uniforms as soldiers, officers and generals symbolize different stories as victims of war. The focus is on the suffering that woman endure as a heritage they are forced to experience, as history repeats itself. Both feminine fragility and strength are integrated in the masculine power of the terracotta soldiers. Specific issues regarding the misuse of woman in war are incorporated as metaphors in the sculptures, commenting also on contemporary issues of society. Cruelty of war has not changed with modern technology. Images presented daily by the media pollute society causing apathy and inspire violence at the same time. The new generation confuses virtual life with real life, creating premises for perversity and violence. Xian is well known for the Terracotta Warrior museum. The archaeological excavation of these sculptures uncovered exclusively men warriors. Heyerdahls concept is to transform these men into women. Replicas of these sculptures are made in original scale and texture. In art terms they can be considered as ready-mades. By remodelling the frontal body parts and adding objects and symbols in different materials, the conceptual approach contributes to new interpretations and new understandings regarding human existence and perseverance. Small objects of clay and steel, rubber tubes, iron metal, and dvd screens are added to the sculpture to emphasize a specific story for each sculpture. Some of the issues presented are: Mother and child in war, Children as soldiers, Pregnant woman, Raped woman, Offering of dead babies, woman with an amputated breast to hold fire arms more steadily, Amputated victims, Offers of chemical war, Intravenous blood dripping from breasts, Invalid girl, Gene manipulation etc.

The Terracotta Woman Project is an international travelling exhibition.

Jonas Gahr Støre
Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway 2008

Dag Aak Sveinar
Art Director, Momentum, Punkt Ø, Norway 2008

Lorella Scacco
Art Critic, Italy 2008

Jaeyoung Kang
Curator Korea 2007

Wang Baoju
Curator, Artistic Director, Beijing, 2007- 2008
Øyvind Storm Bjerke
Artistic director